Living Vicariously Through Papyrus

posted by Jeffrey on Monday, December 04, 2006 at 7:24 AM

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What would life be like if all the books, paper, texts, and digital records on this planet suddenly dissolved, leaving no written record of...well, anything? Do you suppose we'd find that humans actually live in, or at least through, the past? I wonder.

I think it is safe to say that the majority of religions in this world are systems based on some ancient text[s]. Perhaps one of the best things that could happen for "religion", or rather the people that adhere to those religious codes, would be for this record dissipation phenomenon to actually occur. But why? Because even a religion like Christianity that involves a "personal relationship" with God, is actually so dependant on a text, the Bible, that no personal relationship actually many cases. This is called Bibliolatry and is, as the word would describe, the worship of the Bible.

So what? Who cares if someone worships the Bible? It matters because God desperately longs for humans to come to the awareness of his perfect Love within and all around them. The Bible, or rather most "Christians'" dependant on it, is a great barrier to that awareness occuring. Search your spirit and you will find that, in fact, we end up living vicariously through the Biblical characters' relationships with God, rather than having an intimate one of our own. I suppose it was about a year ago that God led me into a desire to discover my own relationship with him, not built on the premises and experiences of someone else or a Biblical character.

Disclaimer. I'm not saying let's just all go pile our Bibles outside and burn them, because the Bible as an inanimate object (and IT IS inanimate) has no bias. It is, again, people's unhealthy dependance on it that causes the problem. So I do not invite you to kick your Bible to the curb, (though that may help for a while), but to kick sola Scriptura to the curb and discover the voice and the Love of God in nature, other people, and yourself--through your spirit and not a book. If you are a Bible reader, you already believe that God spoke to the people who "wrote" the Bible in a way that didn't involve a text (because there was no text), so why couldn't he speak to you in the same way?

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