Shidum Haleesh Melosophashal

posted by Jeffrey on Monday, November 27, 2006 at 11:09 PM

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That's just about how it most likely sounds to "non-church people" when "church people" open their mouths and fill the air with what might as well be a language from another world. Author, thinker, wonderer, and bud, Jim Palmer of Divine Nobodies, takes a shot at acquiescing to an unknown person's request to "communicate in words the good news of God without using any religious or theological verbiage."
"God is Love.

Love (God) seeks the highest good of the other.

The greatest good God (Love) could offer is himself and so God made all people a reflection of himself in order to form an intimate bond with humankind.

In God, we experience life, love, freedom, joy, and peace.

God is pleased and smiles.

But doubting God, we seek fulfillment our own way and fall short of experiencing what God desires for us.


Go check out the rest.

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