After Two Weeks, We're LOVING T-Mobile

posted by Jeffrey on Monday, November 06, 2006 at 5:38 PM

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The wife and I have been T-Mobile customers for two weeks now and are absolutely loving our service! The myFaves plans are incredible. We use the myFaves Family share plan with 700 minutes between us, and of course we have unlimited talk time to the five people that are set as our Faves. We've also added the "any 400 messages" option to each of our phones. I LOVE the way T-Mobile bundles their message packages. It is the way that I feel it should be--you get "x" number of messages, period. Whether I want them to be all text, all video, all picture, IM, or a combination of the above, it doesn't matter. I have my allotted number and use them as I choose to.

Verizon and Cingular separate all their messages into text, picture, media, etc, bundles in what seems to be an attempt to confuse the consumer and ultimately take them to the cleaners. (I almost had to make a flow chart or something to keep track of what I get in which message bundle when I was comparing T-Mobile vs. Verizon.) At any rate, as my wife and I didn't have text capable phones until we switched to T-Mobile, the 400 messages each will more than suffice. If our addiction grows, T-Mobile allows unlimited messages (still of any type) for everyone in the family plan for twenty bucks per month. That'd be a great deal even for just the two of us, not to mention if there were two or three teenagers on the plan as take note you parents of text-happy adolescents.

After driving all over the Nashville area from downtown, to Goodlettsville, to Lebanon, I've only dropped two calls since our conversion to T-Mobile and they were in the following spots between Hermitage and Mt. Juliet. *Note that these are the spots as I estimate them on the T-Mobile coverage map. This coverage map should be drastically changing at the end of this year as T-Mobile is erecting (ha, snicker) a number of towers in Middle Tennessee at the end of this quarter. It's important to note that I've been on calls through these two spots at other times without dropping them as well. Anyway, here are the images:

Here's a zoomed out view of the two spots:

One last thing, the T-Mobile customer care reps I've spoken to regarding a few questions about some plan details have been the most pleasant and most helpful customer service people I've ever spoken to, and not just in the cell phone industry. All-in-all, we're MORE than satisfied thus far with our service. If you're in the Nashville area and want to switch to T-Mobile, go to the Opry Mills Store and ask for Jessica, she was soooo nice, very knowledgeable, and incredibly helpful. Tell her Jeffrey and Shaunna Davis sent you...if she doesn't remember us, just tell her "you know, the guy who asked 10,000 questions back in October," then she will.

Go T-Mobile!

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Blogger Sam Davidson said...

Thanks for the review. Our plan is up in Feb. and we're looking to shop.

We need to get together and hit up CoCo again soon...

November 06, 2006 8:44 PM

Blogger Jeffrey said...

yeah yall should check out T-Mobile. I'm not sure but I think they're pro net neutrality. If they're not, at least they're not one of the big boys (Verizon and Cingular/BellSouth) leading the anti-net neutrality charge.

CoCo sounds good. email me.

November 06, 2006 9:30 PM

Blogger ginger said...

good to know... my contract with suckular is up soon and i was looking at t mobile. i need to do some research on stats here in the dallas area.

glad you're lovin it!

November 06, 2006 9:34 PM


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