The Shula Saga

posted by Jeffrey on Monday, November 27, 2006 at 6:31 AM

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ESPN reports this morning that AD Mal Moore dismissed coach Shula late last night. My response? BIG MISTAKE! I know he's 0-4 against Auburn and finished 6-6 this season but come on! He just came off a 10-2 season last year!

Ok, ok, I know that his combined record against Arkansas, Auburn, Florida, LSU, and UT is only 2-15 (yikes), 3-15 against SEC teams with winning records, 4-13 against nationally ranked teams, and is 0-19 in 4th quarter comebacks...but still. I think, given the circumstances, he's done a hell of a job. He took over a young, hurt, and talent depleted team in their last year under the NCAA death penalty AFTER spring practice and after one coach was fired due to scandal and the next one walked out quick.

He's definitely had some coaching struggles, himself and those around him, but given the circumstances, I think he's done ok--not great--but ok. Definitely not poorly enough to lose his job.

Sorry Shula. I liked ya man. Want to come help me coach my little league NFL flag football team in Mt. Juliet, TN?

UPDATE: Tide players respond, Coach Shula's statement, Mal Moore press conference video, and Interim Coach/Defensive Coordinator Joe Kines' video statement.

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Blogger gavin richardson said...

totally a bad move. funny, got a phone call from my brother early this morning... "what's he calling for" "hello" "they fired coach".... silence

"that was a dumb move"

November 27, 2006 9:24 AM


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