My Weekend O' Fun

posted by Jeffrey on Sunday, August 27, 2006 at 6:54 PM

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Whew, what a weekend! Friday night the wife and I kayaked out to luau island on good ole' J. Percy Priest lake (via Elm Hill Marina) with some friends to camp. There's a two tent limit on the isle and fortunately for us we were the only people there! Campfire, glow sticks, junk food, pipes, cigars, and good convoy, how do you beat that?

Saturday I went with a buddy to Hardee's Buzzfest 6. We got there thirty minutes before the gates opened and stayed about six hours, and yes, the temp was in the mid ninety's for the majority of that time. The blazing hot sun coupled with my refusal to remove my sunglasses (super-sensitive eyes) proved to be the perfect recipe for my lovely "racoon tan" I currenty have going on. Anyway, though they were the first band to play on the main stage (which normally means they suck), Ligion (no, not misspelled) was as good as any band there! I'll be downloading some of their tunes. Black Stone Cherry, another band we purposely wanted to catch, definitely put on the best stage show. I also came to a conclusion while there on Saturday, I would prefer to NOT see the majority of the population without their shirts on...guys and girls alike. I'll stop there.

Today, Shaunna and I caught a matinee of Little Miss Sunshine. Oh my gosh! Freaking hilarious. Dark and sadistic, but hilarious! A note to fellow movie goers, if you have a problem with liberal use of the "f" bomb, you're gonna want to avoid this flick. But if you don't, then I'll quote my blog bud Sam Davidson and say, "walk, run, or push your van to the theatre."

Whew, what a long, but fun, weekend.

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