I'd Rather Not Know

posted by Jeffrey on Friday, August 11, 2006 at 9:53 AM

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For the past three days in a row I've been involved in the same conversation with three different people. The convo has been that of the subconscious quintessential need people (myself included) have to label everything! I've been thinking, what good can that possibly do?

For example, I'm sitting at Panera with a guy the other day and we're having a pleasant conversation. The convo moves to topics that can be uncomfortable, if the people involved see things differently, which was the case in our situation. Immediately the guy across the table says, "so you're a liberal." My reply, as it normally is, was, "I prefer not to be pigeon-holed into one certain category. On some things you might call me a liberal, on others you may call me conservative. That's why I don't contain myself to one camp or the other."

So I have decided that I think it would be better if I didn't know if people around me "went to church", or what "church" they went to, or what "denomination they were", or what party they voted, or whether or not they were an atheist, new age, Christian, dispensationalist, Calvinist, fundamentalist, universalist, etc. I mean, can you imagine what our relationships would be like if, from the beginning, we didn't view them through lenses jaded by presuppositions? What if we could just talk and get to know people outside of what they call themselves. What if we just loved each other?

Its funny, we so freely and flippantly label things, people, and ourselves without realizing that no one really falls solely into one "category" or the other...and if someone does, then that's just sad.

An aside: wow, this is my fifth straight day to post, I must have a lot on my mind...

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