My Friend's Interview with a Friend (Who Happens to be an Atheist)

posted by Jeffrey on Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 6:56 AM

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My friend Jim is a local blogger and author here in Nashville. He's the author of several books including the soon to be released Divine Nobodies:Shedding Religion to Find God (and the Unlikely People Who Help You).

He's posted an interview with a friend of his on myspace that I thought was really great! Here's a sample:

JP: What ways have you personally been offended or disrespected by Christians?

RF: I have been attacked 3 times by angry Christians. I have had guns pulled on me. My family was almost run off the road by an angry Christian truck driver (the big cross on the front was a give-a-away). I was almost assaulted in a parking lot luckily people gathered around to help. The psychological biggie, and it's so much, is that many Christians actually support a God that they call loving, yet this deity believes I'm worthy of being tortured forever. I find that disgusting and highly offensive. I hate it when a Christian tells me in anger, "God Bless You" as if that lessens the intent. I am also offended when a Christian says they love me because the Bible says they must. They cheapen real love. How can they love me when their God believes I'm worthy of eternal torture?

Good stuff! Read more at Jim's blog and myspace.


Blogger Shaunna Faye said...

I really enjoyed this blog.

June 28, 2006 10:09 AM

Blogger Jeffrey said...

glad you liked it Shaunna, did u check out Jim's myspace?

June 28, 2006 11:09 AM

Blogger Shaunna Faye said...

I briefly did. I'll look more into it later though, I'm sure.

June 29, 2006 1:54 PM


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