the DaVinci Code...Finished

posted by Jeffrey on Wednesday, May 17, 2006 at 9:00 AM

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I hate finishing a book, I really do. Last night as I closed the back cover of my $5.99 paper back copy of the DaVinci Code I was forced to drink of anxiety and remorse, blended with satisfaction, and a "schosh" of accomplishment to top it off,  that inevitably follows the completion of a good book. I'm a newbie to the sensation of that concoction as I've just began to willfully read for entertainment in the past 2 years or so [with the exception of my afore mentioned hiatus from all literature].

<!-- Begin Sarcasm -->
Anyway, this book goes down as the longest book I've ever read from cover to cover, with exception of the Bible. Wait, am I damned to hell for saying I've read the whole Bible and the DaVinci Code in the same sentence? ;-) j/k. I'd like to make known that upon completion of this book, I'm...get ready for it...still a Christian! Whoa, who knew that was possible? Well, the recent propaganda would at least suggest it is not.
<!-- End Sarcasm -->

More good conversations with people whom I might not normally have anything else in common to discuss have occurred from the reading of this book then I could have imagined. A fortunate repercussion to say the least.

I was very entertained and intrigued by this book all the way through, I figured out most of the twists a couple hundred pages before they were revealed, and totally enjoyed the 2 weeks I spent enveloped in this collage of mystery and scandal.

See you at the movie...

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