Cosmic Santa

posted by Jeffrey on Wednesday, May 24, 2006 at 2:33 PM

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Over the past few days, prayer has been repetitively presenting itself as a subject for thought in my ADD plagued mind.What do I believe about this act? I say I believe that it is simply conversation with God, but do I really? Is that statement simply regurgitated dogma from my upbringing, or is it real?

I suspect if it were real that I would commune with Christ for reasons other than supplication. Regretfully, that is typically the rule, not the exception in my life. There are times when I connect with the life giving Spirit of Christ in postures other than that of open hands. Those moments, when it is my arms that are open to welcome His embrace, rather than my hands welcoming what He can give, are the sweetest ones. I treasure them.

I long for that to be my normal.

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