Reflecting on a Bike Ride...

posted by Jeffrey on Sunday, September 04, 2005 at 3:10 PM

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As it appears in my journal today:
"Yesterday I took my dad's bike for a ride on the greenway. It was a wonderful ride. On the return loop back I came to the hill I was dreading. I geared WAY down & crawled up the hill without stopping. As I meditated on that experience, I realized that when we face difficult and winding hills in our spiritual journey, we have the same choice to make. We can gear down and persist or we can refuse to and risk burnout.

The Lord used my dad to shed further light on the subject (for he is a VERY avid cyclist). He said, 'gearing down was meant to be used so that we can maintain the same pace though our speed reduces.' I ask myself this question, 'What do I care more about? Speed or pace?'"


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