Last Night's Conversation

posted by Jeffrey on Monday, August 29, 2005 at 9:13 AM

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Last night everyone got a little soggy as they arrived, but we still had a great conversation. We followed the modern day role playing of Saul's conversion in the first part of Acts 9 from a couple of weeks ago with a conversation about the rest of Acts 9 last night. I personally felt like the portion of Scripture that we devoted last night to was either a more "shallow" portion than others or it's depth was so beyond my comprehension that it appeared as shallow to me. Nevertheless, it was a great time that provoked thought and the impulse to study further on our own time.

As hurricane Katrina makes land fall and approaches TN as an inland tropical storm, feel free to meditate on these two passages of Scripture: Nahum 1:3 and Psalm 18.


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