A Trip to Rolling Hills

posted by Jeffrey on Tuesday, August 23, 2005 at 8:46 AM

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Peter Wagner once said, "The single most effective evangelistic methodology under Heaven is planting new churches." Whereas I have a more missional and relational approach to and philosophy of "evangelism", planting new churches is definitely a catalyst for that to happen. Any way you slice it Pete Wagner, Lyle Schaller, Leonard Sweet, and others are right--beginning new communities of faith are where it's at.

Many times, more established churches "partner" with the new church to make an array of resources available. Such resources may include people, finances, direction, counsel, prayer, facilities, guidance, and much more. Most times these churches who in a way "sponsor" a new church are referred to as the "mother church"--kind of makes you expect the twilight zone music huh?

Today I have a meeting with a very cool guy named Jeff Simmons who is the pastor of Rolling Hills Community Church, a community of faith about 4-5 years old I believe. Jeff was one of the very first pastors my wife and I met with, in an attempt to get our bearings, when God first called us into this mysterious adventure of "church planting". It's kind of poetic, I think, that it has come full circle where today we will feel each other out (not feel each other up mind you, ha ha) and see if the Spirit leads us into such a "mother-daughter church" relationship. Jeff and his crew at RHCC have been nothing but helpful thus far, so I look forward to rekindling that.

To all who read this I extend a humble plea for your intercession that God would make His will for this relationship known on Earth as it is in Heaven. Jeff, I'm looking forward to kickin' it with you today...


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