Disaster Relief Think Tank

posted by Jeffrey on Friday, September 02, 2005 at 9:54 AM

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It's Friday morning about 10:00 and I just came from a meeting with some other cats involved in some new churches around middle TN. This was the first meeting of the "first Friday club" (because we'll be getting together the first Friday of every month) where we hang out at Same and Zoe's coffee shop to encourage, share ideas, and hear what God is doing in other parts of middle TN. This morning's meeting turned in to more of a disaster relief think tank.

Guys like Wayne Terry of the TBC, Gary Morgan of Mosaic Nashville and Jim Palmer of the Pilgrimage Project, to name a few, brought some cool preliminary ideas to the table. We addressed immediate and long term ideas and I hope we'll have some good partnerships rolling in the EXTREMELY near future.

The decision has been made and we'll be sending the donations that we gather this Sunday evening through the Tennessee Baptist Convention--for as I learned this morning, Baptists are 2nd only to the Red Cross in Disaster Relief Aid. So if you're coming to hang out for the conversation Sunday evening and feel moved to give a donation as a physical expression of worship, have checks made payable to:
Tennessee Baptist Disaster Relief
Tennessee Baptist Convention
P.O. Box 728
Brentwood, TN, 37024-0728.
and please designate your check to: Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund
Anyone else wishing to donate but unavailable to hang out this Sunday evening may mail a check directly to the same above address. This is an effort to contribute to the immediate need--we'll continue the brainstorming of how we can aid in the long term relief over the next few weeks.


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