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posted by Jeffrey on Friday, July 28, 2006 at 9:09 AM

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On the way to the Mt. Juliet Panera Bread, where I sit now, I was reflecting on an interesting conversation I had with some friends of mine on Wednesday evening at the Panera in Hermitage. (I work from these two Panera's alot) As soon as I got here, I brought the notebook out of hibernation and got on Merriam-Webster online and this is what I found:

In searching for "reality", the number one definition is, "the quality or state of being real." So, logically, I search for "real", who's number one entry is the adjective (most commonly used) form of the word, who's number one definition is, "of or relating to fixed, permanent, or immovable things."

This begs the question that was among the conversation this past week. What things are permanent? Let me say what things are not. In the metaphysical sense, human bodies, buildings, trees, cars, coffee, computers, etc, etc, etc. ANYTHING that has a beginning and an end is not permanent, hence is not real. Only that which exists in the spiritual realm are eternal, hence, real. It's fascinating how many things we feel exist in the spiritual realm, but really, do not. Take evil, for example. Evil has a beginning an and end. It has not always been and will not always be, therefore, it isn't real. Though evil isn't real, guess what IS...Love. Hmm, fancy that.

Does anyone else feel a little bit like we're in the Matrix?

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Blogger Rick said...

freedom | life | love | peace | joy

Believe: To accept as true or real (eternal), To credit with veracity,To expect or suppose.

Accepting as true and real (eternal), crediting with veracity and expecting and supposing the above does not bring them about.

The above are realities born from a relationship with Christ (who is all the above) as my life...

Not from believing that Christ is my life.
Not from believing that I am free.
Not from believing that I am unconditionally loved and accepted.
Not from belieivng that Christ came to give me peace.
Not from believing that God wants me to experience joy in the midst of whatever circumstances.

Those attributes above exist for us when Christ produces them through our being in relationship (abiding) with/in Him...not through belief.

You can believe with all your heart and mind that Jesus loves and accepts you...but until you receive that love and acceptance through relationship with Him as your's just a belief...not reality (eternal). You might die for what you believe...but it's faith rather than in your belief.

Believing my wife is this or that does nothing for me...experiencing those things through relationship with my wife is where it's at.

Christ isn't a belief system.

Hey Neo...Kansas doesn't exist.

July 28, 2006 9:49 AM


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