A Level 81 in a World of Noobs

posted by Jeffrey on Friday, April 28, 2006 at 9:14 AM

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So this is me. Well, no its not really me, its a screen shot of my character in a MMORPG game called Runescape. In this screen shot I'm decked out in my full rune armor, helm of Zammorak, amulet of power, rune scimitar, zombie boots, and completing the ensemble are red gloves and cape.

I have been playing this game on and off, for a few minutes, here and there, for about a year. Recently I was playing when I thought to myself, "Wow, couldn't I be using this time a lot more productively?" No sooner had I thought that, a "friend" popped on to the server [or "world"] I was on. He came to the place I was to train on some "moss giants" and we began to chat.

Suddenly, without warning, he asks, "are you a Christian or something?" I inquired as to what provoked him to ask such a question. He said that because I'm nice to the "noobs", I must be a Christian. You have to understand, the world of Runescape is full of players who feel that their higher level has earned them the right to become agitated for no reason with noobs (new players of a lower level), forgetting that they themselves were once noobs. This normally results in a stream of swearing (which is censored out with # signs) and derogatory remarks regarding the afore mentioned noobs.

I happen to be a rather high level player, level 81 to be exact, and my civil treatment of the noobs was apparently odd for someone of my level to my even higher leveled friend, with whom I was chatting. Right then and there, training on moss giants, we entered into a spiritual conversation that I hope will continue in the future. I learned that my "friend" is an atheist, hates everyone, goes to a Christian school (in Sweden, where he lives), and pretty much hates life in general.

Hmm...interesting that such occurrences can take place in an online game. I never expected it.

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