Martian Meditation

posted by Jeffrey on Tuesday, April 04, 2006 at 2:09 PM

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I'm home sick today--as I was for the 2nd half of yesterday as well :-(. Everyone be sad for me. However, my sickness has afforded me the opportunity to catch up on several daytime tv shows on the History Channel. Say what you want, I already know it, I'm a nerd.

Anyway, I watched a show called UFO Files. I am one of those who is fascinated by the age old question harbored by all humans, whether they admit it or not, "are we alone?". Regardless of the answer, my next question is why?

If we're not alone, then why has God given us no clues that there are other beings in the universe besides us? Or wait, maybe He has and we have chosen to be blind to them. If there are other creatures, does He love them? Has he redeemed them as he has humans? Will we share Heaven with them? More importantly, are they part of God's kingdom as we are?

If we are alone, then why such a vast and mysterious universe? Could it be that God, in His foreknowledge, knew that we would arrive at our current (and future) capabilities as a race and begin to explore the mysteries beyond our world? Did He purposely create the expanse of the universe for these days so that we might discover new depths of His mystery and character and goodness that cannot be learned while grounded on the Earth?

How about a third and final scenario. What if we are presently alone in the universe, but there have been other civilizations that lived looooong ago on other planets. What if there are civilizations that will arise on other planets long after humans are gone? What if they will look at structures on our world with the same questions as we look at features on worlds in our galaxy. Like, for example, this picture of what appears to be a face on the planet Mars.

Whatever this structure is, it is nearly 2 miles from end to end. Do you think it is a natural geographical feature or artificially made by some civilization of long ago? Regardless of your answer, do you think it has any effect, past, present, or future, on the kingdom of God?

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Blogger Kat Coble said...

Ever read Out Of The Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis?

That book pretty much sums up how I feel about life on other planets.

April 05, 2006 9:06 AM

Blogger Jeffrey said...

no i haven't read that one [now on books to read list though].

Care to give me a quick teaser of the book?

April 05, 2006 9:13 AM

Blogger Kat Coble said...

I can tell you a lot about it, but don't want to ruin any surprises.

The basic plot is that a British Linguist is taken into space, and while there discovers fundamental truths about Earth and its relationship with God. But since it's by Lewis it's not dry and polemic. It's interesting, fun and thought-provoking.

And sorry it took me so long to answer...I've had company.

April 09, 2006 11:39 PM


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