Dare to Dream, Work to Win

posted by Jeffrey on Sunday, September 24, 2006 at 11:22 AM

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Yesterday morning Shaunna and I had the astute privilege of experiencing Dr. Tom Barrett. If you don't already know, Tom is:

An entrepreneur
President of Business/Life Management Inc.
A national corporate speaker to everything from groups of fifty to 5,000 person conventions to personal coaching with CEO's of Fortune 50 companies,
A recipient of tribute in the Congressional Record for his 10,000 hours of coaching and consultation to Senators and Congressman on Capitol Hill,
And the author of the national best seller, Dare to Dream and Work to Win.

We received this pleasure by attending a small conference of around 200-300 other Arbonne consultants at the Embassy Suites in Cool Springs. Tom was gracious enough to honor the invitation of several southeast NVP's to come for a three hour training, to the benefit of us all.

When he opened up with "In my opinion, Arbonne is the best company in the DSA and Network Marketing Industry" line, I was a little bit on guard. I mean, we believe that statement is true, but it felt like a motivational ploy...at first. He went on to say that we had no idea how many companies he refuses to speak and/or associate with. That gave some validation to his previous statement, in my mind.

He then went on to further explain why he felt, as we do, that Arbonne is the best company in the industry by explaining his personal relationships with both Bob Henry (former lawyer and accountant, now Arbonne chairman and CEO) and Rita Davenport (President of Arbonne), demonstrating his knowledge of Arbonne's policies, products, standards, and compensation plan. This finally convinced me completely that he was, in fact, NOT blowing smoke up our collective ass.

Bottom line is that though I'm not one for sitting still and listening to one person for three hours, I found that the time flew by freakishly fast as Tom's style, information, and humor captivated me for the entire time (a hard feat to accomplish to be sure, for those who know me). So whether you're a fellow network marketing entrepreneur or the CEO of a fortune 50 company, you should definitely go listen to Tom if you ever get the chance.

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