In Retrospect...

posted by Jeffrey on Monday, February 27, 2006 at 12:15 PM

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My goal and dream for this blog is that people will be spurred on and encouraged in their own spiritual journeys towards Christ as they follow the chronicle of but one facet of my own journey. I long for this to be a place where real life relationships are cultivated from things worked through together here. I long to challenge and be challenged in a healthy way, realizing that sometimes involves disagreement. I long to journey along side other followers of Christ as we are transformed into His likeness on this planet. However, last Wednesday's post and the conversation(s) that followed have made me wonder some things about that dream.

Is it really possible for the questions and thoughts that I wrestle with on my journey to be communicated clearly and be conducive to those who are in quite a different place in theirs? On the other hand, might it be a good thing for feathers to be ruffled, thought to be provoked, and different paths ventured down? Then again, this still is a wretched venue void of tone and all forms of non-verbal communication, hence sometimes leading to gross misunderstandings-- even among those whom I'm closest to in the real world.

I'd really like hope desperately long for some feedback regarding this issue. Until I come to some conclusions regarding the benefits and health of this place, I think I'll remain silent here for a while.


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