I'm Back!

posted by Jeffrey on Wednesday, March 15, 2006 at 3:08 PM

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Well, after a lot of thought, reflection, prayer, and conversation, I have decided to return to the blogosphere and hopefully keep this blog alive. Upon this return, I do not plan to change the types of things that are brought up and discussed here either. As I have always said, there are many things I am not sure of and are merely thoughts in my overactive ADD mind, but over the past 2 weeks of silence here, I have become sure that at least some of them are thoughts in the minds of others as well.

I have tremendous respect for where each individual is on their particular journey into the face of Christ, and so if you find something here that you feel is not conducive and constructive to your journey at this time then please, feel no bondage or pressure to revisit. If you, instead, feel that things presented by me (or others) are difficult yet possibly worthy of consideration and discussion, then feel free to engage in conversation.

We are all free in Christ and through His love we are united to each other, to this planet, to Christ, and all other things that He loves--which is everything. So please, let this be a place to both wrestle and relax. I will never say that it is necessary for us all to agree on everything, or anything, for that matter. For I believe, now more than ever, that healthy disagreement is beneficial. No more will I draw lines in the sand by what I "believe" theologically, doctrinally, eschatologically, or any other ridiculously long word ending in -lly. We can connect with each other in unity, love, friendship, and maybe even community across these pitiful divisions that resemble more battle lines then they do heart felt stances or convictions. So please, find this a refuge--whether it be in disagreement or agreement. I don't think I believe either are a prerequisite for unity.

I identify with Paul, the apostle, as I confess that I do not know much in this world, but I know the love of Christ that has set me free and at the same time binds me to you all, everyone. It is for and through that love that I exist. That, I know.


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