A Night in Covenant

posted by Jeffrey on Friday, July 15, 2005 at 10:01 AM

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We're back. Yesterday afternoon after I got off work my wife and I drove down to Covenant College in Chattanooga where our dear friends Maris and her hubby Steven (as well as the rest of the guys from Spur58) were leading worship (not just music) at a Student Life camp. It was wonderful to be on the ground once again where God invited us into this journey with Him as He draws together a new community of faith.

The air was light, the wind was blowing, and the smell of a smoldering fire pit lingered. I couldn't help but mentally travel to ancient Israel and place myself in the assembly of the people at the tabernacle or temple as the ruwach (wind/breath/spirit) of God moved among the people and carried the fragrances of incense and burnt offerings into the air. At magic hour (dusk) we found a rock shaped like that of a cornerstone buried in the muck and mire of seemingly the exact place we pulled the first one from a little over two years ago. That 1st stone, I fear, has long been gone--but Yaweh the faithful painted a clear picture last night, that the foundation cannot be broken. The cornerstone will always be there, in the exact place it always has--seated at the right hand of God the Father, forever making intercession for His people, and somehow saturating every fiber of all created things at the same time.

We placed a copy of the seven page document that chronicles God's incredible faithfulness in this journey over the last two years under that rock and it felt appropriate to name it Ebenezer (which means stone of help). So I close with the words of Samuel the prophet, "Thus far has the LORD helped us."--and I add, and so He will for the rest of our days and the days that come after, even if we see it not as help.

Here's a pic of "our Ebenezer":
Our Ebenezer


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