The Beauty of Confusion

posted by Jeffrey on Monday, June 20, 2005 at 8:45 AM

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The state of confusion is normally a horrid place to dwell, but occasionally, just occasionally it can be the most wonderful experience imaginable. Our community of faith was fortunate to experience this paradox a couple of times this past weekend. As explained in last couple of posts, we had a pseudo-garage sale on Saturday. I call it "pseudo" because there were no prices, everything was free. It was a absolutely wonderful to see that look of confusion on people's faces when someone from our crew (or the crew from Alabama that came to help) ask them something to the affect of, "Has anyone told you that everything is free? So if you see anything you'd like feel free to take it".

It was awesome! There turned out to be several families who came and were able to load up on things they truly did need. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, to those of you who donated so willingly the wonderful items that lit up so many faces! Funny how doing true and real ministry inspires others to minister. For example, a couple of ladies that appeared to be regular Saturday morning yard sale shoppers were instantly inspired by the Spirit of God to take items not for themselves, but for people who they themselves knew had some needs. We didn't have "worship music", a"sermon", or anything else that is stereotypical of a church "worship service", but we quite possibly had a truer form of Church there at that garage sale then I have ever previously experienced.

The story of our second experience of beautiful confusion (which occurred at our weekly conversation last night) will be in the next post...


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