And I Thought T-shirts Were Cheesy...

posted by Jeffrey on Wednesday, June 15, 2005 at 9:35 AM

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Gathering t-shirt

So here is our first t-shirt design. A million thanks to Grant Gubser, skilled t-shirt screener and designer, who was nice enough to design this awesome graphic for us! The blog address at the top of the pic will go across the shoulder blades on the back of the shirt and the larger graphic on the bottom will go across the chest on the front of the shirt. Everyone who wants one of these bad boys has picked out their own t-shirt according to their preference of style, color, size, if we do happen to wear them all at once (like we will this Saturday), we won't look like some big cheesy army in uniform.

My "new best friends" at Mount Juliet Shirt Works are the dudes doing the actual printing and production of these hot new t's. They've bent over backwards to ensure that the shirts come out the way we imagined. And it is a MUST to mention how patient they have been with us "first timers" who weren't at all familiar with the t-shirt screening process.

I know you're thinking, "WOAH! I have to have one of those!" So if you want one, email me. We're not about making money here, so what it'll cost you is what it costs us.

Thanks again Jared (at MJ Shirtworks) and Grant--yall rock!


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