Our Resurrection Sunday Core Gathering

posted by Jeffrey on Monday, March 28, 2005 at 8:52 AM

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Well we had a great time yesterday morning at our Resurrection Sunday Core Gathering. We wrapped up discussing our "Lifestyle of Worship" value with a discussion on what it means to have and express freedom in worship (I'll give you a hint, it really doesn't have anything to do with how you physically conduct yourself in a worship gathering.) Keep in mind, a lifestyle of worship is what's important, not how you act and express yourself in collective gatherings (or worship services, if you're not sure what a worship gathering is)...check out the link to the forum for more info about our study.

We also spent some time serving each other communion!! Our very first time!! How exciting that was!!! We had some time of reflection and confession, though this time was not merely directed toward outward "sin" that we fall to, but also confession of the motives of our hearts while we do "good" things--even things for the Kingdom. As Shaunna pointed out, God looks at a man's heart (motives), not what he is doing. It is verrry possible to do "great things" for the Kingdom of God, but if the motives and attitudes behind the actions were selfish, bitter, begrudging, or any other negative adjective, the action was all for naught. After our time of confession (so that no one would eat and drink in an unworthy manner), we added a little liturgy to our gathering.

Each person broke the bread and passed the cup to the person on their right as they spoke a blessing and gave instruction of what to do with these elements. It went something like this, "Gina, this bread represents Christ's body that was broken for you, and this juice represents His blood that was poured out for you which washes allll our sin away...do this (eat and drink) in remembrance of Him..." And then the person being served dipped the piece of bread (we couldn't find unleavened, but its the thought that counts) in the cup of juice and ate. It was a great time of celebration!!!


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