The ADVENTure of Christmas (3 of 12)

posted by Jeffrey on Saturday, December 03, 2005 at 4:08 PM

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In recent years I have come to make a personal choice regarding how I will decorate my home this time of year. This decision has been to not litter my home with images of Santa Clause--as he has become the symbol of the 21st century's twisted, capitalistic, motive behind this Christmas season--selfish commercialism. After a little research, perhaps I'll look in to slightly modifying that choice.

Once upon a time, in the city of Myra (or Patara, depending on the source), Turkey, there lived a young lad by the name of Nicholas. By the time he was a teenager, he was often called the "boy bishop" and was greatly loved by everyone in the community. As soon as his family's wealth began to be passed down to him, he secretly gave to the poor and needy in over-abundance.

One of the most famous legends of his giving is to that of three poor sisters on the eaves of their weddings. The story goes that the eldest of the girls was too poor to pay her wedding dowry, so on the night before she was to be wed, Nicholas climbed onto the roof of her home and threw a gold coin down the chimney. The coin landed in the young woman's stocking as it was hanging beside the fireplace to dry. The second daughter's dowry was provided in the same anonymous fashion. However, on the eave of his third daughter's wedding, the girls' father hid himself on the roof and waited. Alas, Nicholas's secret was revealed and the people loved him even more than before.

Centuries later the "young bishop" was attributed sainthood and given the name Saint Nicholas, pronounced Sinter Klaas by the Dutch.

So whether you have none, a few, or hundreds of Santa Claus figures around your home this Christmas season, let it be an object lesson as to who the true Gift Giver is and to whom all things belong. His name is Jesus, and in Him and through Him all things were made and He holds all things together. He gives and takes away, He gives and takes away...

Whew, barely squeaked this post in on the "third day" of the's 11:49 pm and starting to storm. You know what that means right? God wants to talk--His voice is in the thunder. Can you hear it? If you can't, maybe He wants to whisper...


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