Weekly Gathering (5/29/05): The Day of the Lord

posted by Jeffrey on Tuesday, May 31, 2005 at 8:15 AM

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The past several Sunday nights we've been exploring the book of Acts together. This past week, we focused on the first part of Peter's sermon in Acts chapter 2. Peter chooses an interesting passage to quote from the prophet Joel at the beginning of his message.

This passage addresses the "last days" and "the day of the Lord".
As many scholars and commentators view these phrases through their own theological lenses, they are divided in their interpretations of what they refer to. Nevertheless, we can be sure that we are in fact living in the last days (as we have been since the days of Jesus, if not before), but is it right to long for "the day of the Lord" as we've been taught to do so in the mainstream evangelical world? The prophet Amos apparently felt that we shouldn't...and I agree.

As we studied through many of the Bible passages that describe the last days and the day of the Lord, we found some important things--these days/day will be full of torment, hate, evil, death, suffering, and judgment. Why then do we rejoice as we read "the signs of the times" and see our world (at least as we see it) drawing to a close? How selfish I have been to do so! In my longing to meet my Jesus face to face, I inadvertently wish death and suffering on all those who do not know Him. Oh God may you turn our prayers from one of, "Come and save us from this fallen and evil world," to "Give us strength to endure and eyes to see those around us who are hurting and in need. Oh Jesus, despite our longing to see Your face, delay your return at least one more day so more may begin their journey with You."


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