Perplexing Mysteries of Ducks

posted by Jeffrey on Wednesday, October 19, 2005 at 9:32 AM

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Perplexing are the mysteries that are revealed in the silence, stillness, and solitude (whoops, that alliteration wasn't on purpose...). Late last Wednesday night I sought a venue where I might find refuge to think, write, and be still (which normally also involves puffing on a pipe)--what I found, was much more. As I ventured out the dark and curvy Saundersville road, I found myself settling by the boat ramp at Langford's cove on Old Hickory Lake only to be disturbed by a group of ducks and a man with his son putting in for some late night fishing. It was in the ducks however that my adventure would lie.

Sitting in the back of my truck, I watched as two beautiful white ducks floated around the dock near where I was parked. One duck was very large and the other was smaller and more dainty. It is for this lone reason that, in my imagination, they must have been "husband and wife". I watched as they silently glided across the water (knowing that their feet were churning a mile a minute beneath the surface) with the "wife" duck taking point most of the time. Without a single discernable quack or gesture, they turned and darted here and there in perfect harmony with each other.

I must admit, the reason for my reflective solitude this night was that I may seek an audience with my Creator-Savior that is not often possible in the busyness of life. As I watched these two ducks, that too are the work of His hands, I sensed that I was in conversation with my Father. I have been wondering several things about my relationship with Jesus as of late. One has been, simply because I haven't been "feeling" or "hearing" Him in noticeable ways recently, "is our relationship not as intimate as it once seemed to be?" Another has been, "is God taking me into a new stage and definition of intimacy completely?"

Back to the ducks. What if God (the big "husband" duck) longs to bring us (the smaller "wife" duck) to a place of intimacy where He no longer has to be out in front in plain view, but instead is able to stay right behind us as we move totally in sync together? Isn't that a greater form of intimacy after all? Isn't when I know what my wife needs and what she'll ask for before she ever does more intimate then when she asks and I simply respond? This theology has seemed a little shaky over the past week as I've thought about it, but something I read this morning has re-kindled a spark of hope. Isaiah 30:21 says, "Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, 'This is the way; walk in it.'" It is interesting however, that when the "wife" duck came to pass through the dark and murky waters that lie beneath the dock, she froze. At this point the "husband" duck took point and lead her through the danger. I wonder if God is the same...


Anonymous Britt said...

Jeffrey, I just wanted to thank you for allowing the Spirit to use you to absoutely recharge my day! I've had an absolutely wonderful morning already, but now I know that the day is going to be more than I had hoped for. This has certainly been a blessing to read this and have it click with my head, heart, and hands. God is good, all the time...All the time, God is good!!!

October 20, 2005 11:21 AM


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